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Chemistry Tutors


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           Chemistry & Biochemistry

                              Geology, and Physics



CHEM101 Applying Chemistry to Society (Kull)

GEOL110 Physical Geology (Daley)

CHEM104 Chemistry/Problem-Solving Fund (McIntosh)

GEOL110 Physical Geology (Werts)

CHEM 104 Chemistry/Problem-Solving Fund (Owens)

GEOL113 Physical Geology Laboratory 

CHEM105 General  Chemistry I (Fernandez)

GEOL210 Historical Geology (Daley)

CHEM105 General  Chemistry I (Harris)

GEOL211 Historical Geology Lab (Boyer)

CHEM105 General Chemistry I (McIntosh)

GEOL220 Oceanography (Boyer)

CHEM105 General  Chemistry I (Snyder)

GEOL225 Soils and Land Use (Werts)

CHEM108 General Chemistry Lab

GEOL270 Dinosaurs (Boyer)

CHEM301 Organic Chemistry I (Grattan)

GEOL551 Research (Werts)

CHEM301 Organic Chemistry I (Hanna)


CHEM302 Organic Chemistry II (Hartel)

PHYS202 Physics II (Mahes)

CHEM304 Organic Chemistry Lab

PHYS202 Physics II Lab

CHEM305 Chemical Hygiene & Safety (Snyder)

PHYS212 Physics with Calculus II (Amir)

CHEM312 Introductory Chemometrics (Owens)

PHYS212 Physics with Calculus II Lab

CHEM313 Quantitative Analysis (Calloway)

PHYS250 Matter and Energy (Curley)

CHEM314 Quantitative Analysis Lab (Calloway)

PHYS253 Astronomy (Curley)

CHEM315 Environmental Chemistry (Owens)

PHYS351 Independent Study (Mahes)

CHEM323 Introduction to Biochemistry (Fernandez)


CHEM351 Independent Study (Hurlbert)


CHEM408 Physical Chemistry II (Gelabert)


CHEM410 Physical Chemistry II Lab (Gelabert)


CHEM461-463 Chemistry Internship (Hanna)


CHEM491-494 Department Seminar (Gelabert)


CHEM495 Senior Seminar (Hanna)


CHEM520 Essentials of Biochemistry (Hurlbert)

CHEM524 Biochemistry II (Grossoehme)


CHEM529 Current Topics Biochemical & Chemical Sci (Grossoehme)

CHEM530 Inorganic Chemistry (Lammi)


CHEM531 Inorganic Chemistry Lab (Lammi & Hanna)


CHEM551 Research (Hurlbert)

CHEM552 Research (Hurlbert)


CHEM570 Chemical Synthesis (Hartel)