Kristen Kull

Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

Office:  Sims 107B                                                     


Phone: (803)323-4921

Office Hour: Arrange location and time by appointment

Virtual Office Hour:         Blackboard R 12:00 - 12:50 or by appointment

Individual /Virtual Meeting       Arrange via Blackboard or E-mail

Spring 2020 Chem101 Teaching Schedule

Chem 101 (All offered on-line thru Winthrop Blackboard)







Sapling course


1st ˝ semester

Jan 13–Feb 29


Feb 29

Winthrop University - CHEM 101-001 - Spring20 - KULL


2nd ˝  semester

Mar 3–Apr 27


Apr 27

Winthrop University - CHEM 101-002 - Spring20 - KULL


Full sem

Jan 13 – May 3


May 3

Winthrop University - CHEM 101-003 - Spring20 - KULL



Winthrop Wellness                                College of Arts and Sciences


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Accessing course material for Johll, 4ed., Sapling course

STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS                     Go through Blackboard Chem101 to get assignments and access to Sapling.

Find the Sapling Learning content section on your instructor’s course page.


Click on any Sapling assignment link to launch the assignment.


Select your access option and continue to your assignment page. ???????


You are now enrolled in the course and can access future assignments through the links on your instructor's course page.


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 log in with an existing Macmillan Learning eBook account.


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