Science Content and Pedagogy Series

TEA 2012 Fellows

Winthrop University


Exploring Physics Activities             Feb. 20, 2012 (2-4:30), Sims 205 

1.     Plotting Graphs and obtaining useful quantities: By hand and using Excel

2.     Energy: forms, transformations, and conservation of energy

3.     Atmosphere of Earth:

a.     Demonstrating the oxygen content in the air by covering a candle flame in water.

b.     Measuring the atmospheric pressure

c.      Demonstrating the strength of atmospheric pressure by crushing a soda can

     4.     Measuring the density of metals and liquids 

5.     Measuring the acceleration due to gravity: falling object and pendulum

6.      Basic properties of waves (frequency, amplitude, wavelength, and speed):
a. Use of the following website/applet to measure frequency and wavelength of wave.

b.       Use of the following websites to illustrate electromagnetic spectrum.

7.     Electricity and Magnetism:
a. Electricity types (ac and dc) and electrical quantities

Series and Parallel Circuits
c. Resistance of a metal wire
d. Mapping the magnetic field lines of permanent magnets


Physics and Math Activities                March 8, 2012 (9-11:30), Sims 310

8.     Reflection of light: Measuring angles with a protractor and verifying the law of reflection

9.     Refraction of light: Measuring angles with a protractor and determining the index of refraction of water.

10.   Measuring the height of a tree or building by measuring the angle subtended with a clinometer.

11.   Math….continued…




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