Kristen Kull

   Department of Chemistry, Physics, and Geology

   Office:  Sims 107B

   Phone:  (803)323-4921

   Office Hours: M, T 1:00-1:50, or by appointment

Kull Chemistry 108

There are various times and classrooms listed for this course.

       The first meeting time for Sections 001 and 002 will be Friday, Aug 25 in Sims Room 112. 

       After the Welcome week, you will be meeting from 2-4:50 pm on your scheduled lab day (001-Monday, 002-Tuesday) as well as Friday from 12:30-1:20 for both of the Kull assigned sections. (Plan work schedules accordingly)

       For class, you will need the Lab Manual (spiral bound), duplicate page lab notebook, and protective eyewear.  Protective is Chemical splash googles, not glasses.  These sell out quickly from the bookstore so get on-line and order, or head to a local business (home supply store for example) and get an equally acceptable product. 

       Every student is assigned their own drawer in the lab where you may lock goggles, closed toe shoes, etc.)


   Section                        Room              Day     Time               Section                        Final


Chem. 108 001 (lab)      112/103           M         2–4:50 pm       001           Wed, Dec 6, 3 pm, Sims 103

    (Recitation)                112                  F          12:20-1:30       001                 


Chem. 108 002 (lab)      105/103           T          2–4:50 pm       002           Wed, Dec 6, 11:30 pm, Sims 103

 (Recitation)                   112                  F          12:20-1:30       002                 

Kull Chemistry 101 002 1st half semester (on line)

Kull Chemistry 101 001 2st half semester



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