Aaron Hartel Awarded First ACS Petroleum Research Fund Grant in Winthrop’s History

April 15, 2008.  The American Chemical Society Board of Directors has announced that Assistant Professor of Chemistry Aaron Hartel has been awarded Winthrop’s first American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund Grant.  The $65,000 grant is for 40 months and will provide funds for chemicals, supplies, stipends for undergraduates, and funds for travel to professional meetings.  


The award included the full amount requested in Hartel’s proposal that was entitled "Preparation of Mannich Bases and Their Corresponding Silyl Enol Ethers from 2-Acylaziridines."  Mannich bases (β-aminoketones) are a prominent and important class of organic compounds. Mannich bases and their derivatives have been used extensively as versatile intermediates in the synthesis of biologically important molecules. They have also found applications in the polymer and coating industry as hardeners, cross-linkers and reaction accelerators and as sequestering and deposit control agents for use in fuels and lubricating oils.

The PRF research grant selection was made following a set of outside reviews by national technical experts in the field; only a small percentage of submitted research proposals are funded. This award represents the first PRF research grant in Winthrop's history and represents faculty achievement of a strategic goal Winthrop has had many years to become nationally competitive for this funding.