Tentative Institute Schedule




June 23 Chemistry


        Registration & Administrative Issues.

        Classroom technology, Xplorer GLX.

  •   PS-3: Properties and classifications of matter.



June 24 Chemistry


  • PS-4: Chemical reactions and the classifications, structures, and properties of chemical compounds.



June 25 Chemistry


        PS-2: The structure and properties of atoms.



June 26 Chemistry


        Review of Chemistry Contents.

        Presentation of chemistry activities by teachers.

  •   Demonstrations in Chemistry.



June 30



        Remarks by Linda Sinclair, SC Dept. of Education, "The new Support Guide for Physical Science".

        PS-5: The nature of forces and motion.



July 1



        PS-6: The nature, conservation, and transformation of energy.



July 2



        PS-7: The nature and properties of mechanical and electromagnetic waves.



July 3



        Review of Physics Contents.

        Presentation of physics activities by teachers.

  •   Demonstrations in Physics.
  •   Closing Remarks and Evaluations.