PHYS 101    Summer A 2020    Course Schedule

Date Dues Content from
Topics with Video Links Mastery Quiz Know Understand Practice Problems
May 18   Chapter 1 Energy, Scientific Method, Feynman on Scientific Method, Scope of Physics, and Measurement. MQ1  Know1 Und1 PP1
May 19 MQ1 Chapter 2 Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Graphing Motion: Position VS. Time, Velocity VS. Time, and
Kinematic Equations.
MQ2 Know2 Und2 PP2
May 20 Hwk1  Chapter 3 Acceleration due to gravity, Falling Objects: Aristotle VS. Galileo, Reaction Time, and Projectile Motion. Simulation in Projectile Motion. MQ3 Know3 Und3 PP3
May 21 MQ2, Hwk2 Chapter 4 History: Aristotle, Galileo, & Newton; Newton's Laws of motion, Mass VS. Weight, and Free-Body diagram. MQ4 Know4 Und4 PP4
May 22 Hwk3 Chapter 5 Circular Motion: Centripetal Force, Planetary Motion: Kepler's laws & Newton's law of universal gravitation. MQ5 Know5 Und5 PP5
May 24 Essay on Covid-19  

Essay on Covid-19 [at least five pages (double-spaced)]. Use contents from this nova video, and the internet. Essay should cover the following areas: origin, symptoms of the disease, its effect on the healthcare systems, consequences, and our response to control it. List your references at the end, MLA format.

May 25 Hwk4 Chapter 6 Work, Power, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy: Gravitational & Elastic, Conservation of Energy, and Energy Transformations. Horsepower. MQ6  Know6 Und6 PP6
May 26 MQ3, Hwk5 Chapter 7 Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of Momentum, and Collisions. MQ7 Know7 Und7 PP7
May 27 MQ4, Hwk6 Chapter 8 Rotational Motion: Torque, Rotational Inertia, Center of Mass, Angular Momentum, & Conservation of Angular Momentum. MQ8 Know8 Und8 PP8
May 28 MQ5            
May 29 Mid Term Exam   MID TERM EXAM, Chapters 1-5.        
May 30 MQ6            
May 31 Hwk7            
June 1 MQ7, Hwk8 Chapter 10
Temperature, Heat, Specific Heat, Calorimetry, Methods of heat transfer, Gas Laws, and Heat Engines. MQ10 Know10 Und10 PP10
June 2 MQ8, Hwk9 Chapter 12 Electric Charge, Conductors & Insulators, Coulomb's law, Electric field, and Electric potential. MQ12 Know12 Und12 PP12
June 3 MQ10, Hwk10 Chapter 13 Electric Current, Resistance, Ohm's law, Electric circuits: Series & Parallel, Electric power & energy, DC vs.AC, Household circuits, and Cost of Electricity. MQ13 (avoid q3 & q4) Know13 Und13 PP13
June 4 MQ12, MQ13            
June 5 Final Exam Comprehensive FINAL EXAM (Chapters 1-8, 10, 12,13).