PHYS 101    Summer A 2017    Course Schedule

Date Dues Content from
Topics with Video Links Mastery Quiz Know Understand Practice Problems
May 15   Chapter 1 Energy, Scientific Method, Feynman on Scientific Method, Scope of Physics, and Measurement. MQ1  Know1 Und1 PP1
May 16 MQ1 Chapter 2 Speed, Velocity, Acceleration, Graphing Motion: Position VS. Time, Velocity VS. Time, and
Kinematic Equations.
MQ2 Know2 Und2 PP2
May 17 Ch1 BB Hwk Chapter 3 Acceleration due to gravity, Falling Objects: Aristotle VS. Galileo, Reaction Time, and Projectile Motion. Simulation in Projectile Motion. MQ3 Know3 Und3 PP3
May 18 MQ2, CH2a Hwk Chapter 4 History: Aristotle, Galileo, & Newton; Newton's Laws of motion, Mass VS. Weight, and Free-Body diagram. MQ4 Know4 Und4 PP4
May 19 MC q and p's on Graphing Chapter 5 Circular Motion: Centripetal Force, Planetary Motion: Kepler's laws & Newton's law of universal gravitation. MQ5 Know5 Und5 PP5
May 21 Essay on Global Warming  

Essay on Global Warming [at least five pages (double-spaced)]. Use contents from this power surge video, PBS Global Warming video, pages 2-3 (chap 1), and the internet. Essay should cover the following areas: Causes, Evidences, Effects, Consequences, and our response to control it. List your references at the end.

May 22 Prob.w/Kinematic Equations Chapter 6 Work, Power, Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy: Gravitational & Elastic, Conservation of Energy, and Energy Transformations. Horsepower. MQ6  Know6 Und6 PP6
May 23 MQ3, CH3 Hwk Chapter 7 Momentum, Impulse, Conservation of Momentum, and Collisions. MQ7 Know7 Und7 PP7
May 24 MQ4, CH4 Hwk Chapter 8 Rotational Motion: Torque, Rotational Inertia, Center of Mass, Angular Momentum, & Conservation of Angular Momentum. MQ8 Know8 Und8 PP8
May 25 MQ5, CH5 Hwk            
May 26 Mid Term Exam   MID TERM EXAM, Chapters 1-5, 9AM-11:59 PM.        
May 27 MQ6            
May 28 Ch6 BB Hwk            
May 29 MQ7,Ch7BB Hwk Chapter 10
Temperature, Heat, Specific Heat, Calorimetry, Methods of heat transfer, Gas Laws, and Heat Engines. MQ10 Know10 Und10 PP10
May 30 MQ8, CH8 Hwk Chapter 12 Electric Charge, Conductors & Insulators, Coulomb's law, Electric field, and Electric potential. MQ12 Know12 Und12 PP12
May 31 MQ10,CH10 Hwk Chapter 13 Electric Current, Resistance, Ohm's law, Electric circuits: Series & Parallel, Electric power & energy, DC vs.AC, Household circuits, and Cost of Electricity. MQ13 (avoid q3 & q4) Know13 Und13 PP13
June 1 MQ12, MQ13            
June 2 Final Exam Comprehensive FINAL EXAM (Chapters 1-8, 10, 12,13): 9AM-11:59 PM.