CHEM 104-007 Chemistry & Problem-Solving Fundamentals

Fall 2019 Syllabus and Course Schedule

Instructor: Sam Johnson Email:

Office: Sims 109A Office Hours: MW 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm, or by appointment

Lecture: MW 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm, Sims 105 Course Credit Hours: 3

Required Textbook: Introduction to Chemical Principles (H.S. Stoker, 11th ed)

Calculator: This course requires an inexpensive, non-graphing, non-programmable scientific calculator with square roots, logarithms and exponential (scientific) notation functions. (Cell phones may NOT be used.)

Course Objectives:

Gain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry

Develop intensive study habits and problem-solving skills for more advanced science courses

Understand the structure and properties of matter and changes that matter undergoes

Better understand how chemistry relates to the world around us

Course Outline:

Measurements, Significant Figures, Scientific Notation, Units, Dimensional Analysis

Basic concepts of matter

Subatomic particles, isotopes, nuclear chemistry

Electronic structure and chemical periodicity

Chemical bonds and Molecular Structure

Chemical Nomenclature

Mole Concept and Stoichiometric Calculations

States of matter, Intermolecular forces, Energy

Gas Laws, Solutions

Acids, Bases and Salts

Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry


Class Preparation: This is a rigorous course that requires daily preparation. Devote time to study each day.

Exams and Grading:

  1. There will be four exams worth 100 points each. No make-up exams will be given. Tentative exam dates are noted on the course schedule.

  2. The comprehensive final exam is worth 200 points. You must take the final exam to pass the course. The final exam for CHEM 104-007 will be on December 4, 2019 (Monday) at 6:30 pm in Sims 105.

  3. Quizzes and Problem-Sets (25% of course grade) will be given throughout the semester in Blackboard, in class or assigned as homework. Problem-set dates are noted on the course schedule.

  4. You have one week from the time a graded assignment is returned/posted to Blackboard to question its grading. After a week, I will not change any grade.

  5. Letter grades will be assigned as follows: A 88-100%, B 76-87%, C 66-75%, D 56-65%, F<56%

Total Possible Points in CHEM 104-006: 800 pts

Exams: 400 pts Final Exam: 200 points Quizzes and Problem-Sets: 200 pts

Exams: You will need a scientific, non-programmable calculator for exams. Cell phones and sharing of calculators are strictly prohibited during exams and quizzes.

Student Conduct Code: Responsibility for good conduct rests with students as adult individuals. The policy on student academic misconduct is outlined in the Student Conduct Code Academic Misconduct Policy in the online Winthrop Student Handbook (

Course Withdrawal: Friday, October 18th is the last day to withdraw from a full fall semester course with an automatic N grade issued. Students may not withdraw from a course after this date without documented extenuating circumstances as determined by the University


Communication: Information may be sent via Blackboard or the Class list server. If you have any questions, please email me to set up an appointment.

Homework: You are expected to complete each reading assignment and all assigned homework problems. End of chapter homework problems from the textbook will be good practice for preparing for exams.

Email: It is important to check your email regularly. If you registered for the course late, you will need to manually subscribe to the listserv. If you drop the course, you will need to unsubscribe to the list or you will continue to receive all emails I send. You can find directions at

Syllabus: This syllabus may be adjusted, as needed, during the semester.

Blackboard: Some course materials can be accessed on Blackboard.

Students with Disabilities/Need of Accommodations for Access: Winthrop University is committed to providing access to education. If you have a condition which may adversely impact your ability to access academics and/or campus life, and you require specific accommodations to complete this course, contact the Office of Accessibility (OA) at 803-323-3290, or, Please inform me as early as possible, once you have your official notice of accommodations from the Office of Accessibility.

Academic Success Center: Winthrop’s Academic Success Center (ASC) is a free resource for all undergraduate students seeking to perform their best academically. The ASC is located on the first floor of Dinkins, Suite 106. Tutoring for CHEM 104 is offered by ASC. Please contact the ASC at 803-323-3929 of

CHEM 104-007 Fall 2019 Course Schedule

This is a tentative schedule and will be revised as needed.


Chapters and Assigned End-of Chapter Homework Problems



Chapter 1,2 and Algebra review

Chap2 HW: 21,23,25,51,53,61ab,63bd,67ab,73,77,83,105,109,113,115ac,117c

Quiz 1


Chapters 2 and 3

Chap3 HW:11,19a,21a,37,39,41,43,53a,59d,61b,63a,67b,79a,83a,89,99,105,111,115

Quiz 2


Chapters 3 and 4 Chap 4 HW: 5,7,9,11,15,19,35,57,63,69,71

Quiz 3


Chapters 4 and 5

Chap 5 HW: 3,7,11,13,15,19,29,31,39,53,55,59-65,69,73,87,95, 97,101a,119,125

Quiz 4



Labor Day



Chapter 5 and Review for Exam 1


Chapters 2-5

Exam 1


Chapter 6 Chap 6 HW: 1,5,9,13-19,23,27,29,35,37,39,45,51,53,57,59,71,77,81,83, 91,95,103,107,113,115,117,127,129

Quiz 5


Chapter 6

Quiz 6


Chapter 6 and 7

Chap 7 HW: 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,21,23,25,27,29,33,37,43,47,59,61,69, 73,75,79,83,85,95,97,103,105,107,111,113,115,119,125,127,133,145,147,151,153,157

Quiz 7

Chapter 7

Quiz 8


Chapter 7 and 8 Chap 8 HW: 1,3,7,13,17,19,25,27,37,39,41,49,59,65,77,79,81,83,89, 111,113,121,131,137

Quiz 9



Chapter 8

Quiz 10


Review for Exam 2


Chapters 6-8

Exam 2


Chapter 9

Chap 9 HW:1,5,7,9,11,17,21,31,37,39,41,45,53,55,71,73,75,77,83,89,91,95, 109,111,113,129,147,149

Quiz 11


Chapter 9

Quiz 12



Fall Break

Fall Break


Chapter 9 and 10 Chap 10 HW: 1,5,11,13,19,21,25,35,37,39,45,53,55,57,61,77,85,89, 93,95,103,127,129,133

Quiz 13


Chapter 10

Quiz 14


Chapter 10 and 11

Chap 11 HW: 3,5,15,17,27,29,31,47,49,59-65,81,85,89,95,109,113

Quiz 15



Chapter 11

Quiz 16


Review for Exam 3


Chapters 9-11

Exam 3


Chapter 12

Chap 12 HW: 1,7,11,15,19,23,27,33,37,41,51,55,59,83

Quiz 17


Chapter 13

Chap 13 HW: 1,5,7,9,13,21,33,45,73,77,89,101,103

Quiz 18


Chapter 13 and 14

Chap 14 HW: 1,5,7,49,51,65,93a,129a,131,133

Quiz 19


Chapter 14 and 15

Chap 15 HW: 17,19,21,29,31,33,39,45,49,93,101

Quiz 20



Chapter 15


Review for Exam 4 and Final Exam


Chapters 13-15

Exam 4


Chapters 2-15: Comprehensive Final Exam, Monday (12-4-19) 6:30 pm, Sims 105

FInal Exam