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CHEM524: Biochemistry II (Spring 2015)

Useful Links :

You may find the following links helpful in your studies this semester. The standard Internet disclaimer applies though: Just because you see it on your computer screen doesn't means it is correct! When in doubt, do more research.

Using your TI Graphing Calculator

  • Many of you have purchased powerful and expensive Texas Instruments graphing calculators, but do you know how to use it? Check this link from and get to know the instrument you've purchased a little bit better.

Amino Acid Structures: A nice page with multiple views of the naturally occuring amino acids.

Amino Acid Chart: An image from the Wikipedia entry on amino acids. The image is full of details and very informative. Consult this often during the semester. A local copy can be found here.

A two page command list for UCSF's Chimera molecular graphics program.

A YouTube video tutorial on how to use Autodock Vina by the author of the software Dr. Oleg Trott

Creating a multiple sequence alignment with COBALT

Multiple Sequence Alignment page at EMBL-EBI. This page is a web portal to a variety of multiple sequnce alignment algorithms.

Metabolic Pathway Map from SIgma-Aldrich. Really cool way to visualize many of the metabolic pathways in a cell.

ACS Style Guide

This guide contains the appropriate format for citing materials that you will use in your final review article. Failure to follow the formats in this guide will result in point deductions on your final paper.