Chemistry 523


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Date Topic Textbook Reading
Aug-23 Intro and Pretest  
Aug-25 Review of Critical Concepts Chapters 1-2
Aug-30 Nucleic Acid Structure - Intro to Biomolecule Visualization Chapter 3.1-3.2 and 24.1-24.2
Sep-1 Nucleic Acid Function and Sequencing Chapter 3.3-3.5 and 27.1
Sep-6 Amino Acids and Primary Structure Chapter 4
Sep-8 3D Structure of Proteins 6.1-6.2
Sep-13 Energetics of Folding and Stability 6.4-6.5
Sep-15 Protein Purification and Sequencing Chapter 5
Sep-20 Sugars and Polysaccharides Chapter 8
Sep-22 Fatty Acids and Biological Membranes Chapter 9
Sep-27 Biomolecules Activity
Sep-29 Exam 1
Oct-4 Non-Enzymatic Proteins Chapter 7
Oct-6 Enzymes: classes and chemistry Chapter 11
Oct-11 Enzyme Mechanism Strategies
Oct-13 Enzyme Kinetics Chapter 12
Oct-18 Enzyme Kinetics Chapter 10
Oct-20 Membrane Transport Chapter 10
Oct-25 Introduction to Biochemical signaling Chapter 13
Oct-27 Protein Function Activity
Nov-1 Exam 2
Nov-3 Replication Chapter 25
Nov-8 Transcription Chapter 26
Nov-10 The Ribosome and Translation Chapter 27
Nov-15 Regulation of Gene Expression Chapter 28
Nov-17 DNA Repair Chapter 25
Nov-22 Thanksgiving Break - no class
Nov-29 Exam 3
Dec-1 Intro to Metabolism - Glycolysis Project
Dec-6 Final Exam 8AM