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Periodic Table with Electronegativity

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Date Day Topic Reading Quiz Link
9-Jan M Biomolecular Interactions OpenStax: Chapter 4, 5, 10.1  
11-Jan W Functional Groups and Carbon
- Activity Key
OpenStax: Chapter 21, Gilbert: Chapter 19 Reading Quiz 1
16-Jan M MLK - No Class
18-Jan W

Introduction to Carbon Reactivity
Activity - Activity Key

23-Jan M Components of the Cell Membrane
- Activity Key
“Phospholipids” Handout
25-Jan W

Lipid Bilayer - Energetics and Interactions
Activity - Activity Key

30-Jan M

Water as a cellular solvent: Aqueous Equilibria
Amino acids to learn

OpenStax: Chapters 6 and 11  
1-Feb W

Acid Base Chemistry of Buffers
Activity - Activity Key
Extra Practice

OpenStax: Chapter 14 Reading Quiz 3
6-Feb M Acid Base Chemistry of Amino Acids Reading Quiz 4
8-Feb W

Amino Acids and Primary Structure
Activity - Activity Key

13-Feb M EXAM 1
15-Feb W

Peptide Properties and Chemistry

Activity - Activity Key

20-Feb M Protein Structure Protein Structure Reading Quiz 5
22-Feb W Structure Activity and Intro to Kinetics  
27-Feb M

Chemical Kinetics ______ Graphing with Excel
Activity - Actiity Key

OpenStax: Chapter 17 Reading Quiz 6



Enzyme Kinetics

6-Mar M

Enzyme Inhibition
Activity - Activity Key

8-Mar W Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Case Study COX Article

Reading Quiz 7

Spring Break - go have fun
20-Mar M Signals in the Human Body   NSAID Quiz Key
22-Mar W EXAM 2
27-Mar M

Sugars, Diabetes, and Cellular Communication
Activity - Activity Key

29-Mar W

Sugars, Diabetes, and Cellular Communication
Activity - Activity Key

3-Apr M Synapse,  Neurotransmitters, and  Neurotransmission    
5-Apr W

Activity1 - Key

Activity2 - Key

OpenStax: Chapter 16  
10-Apr M
12-Apr W Electrochemistry and Neurochemistry    
17-Apr M    
19-Apr W    
24-Apr M EXAM 3
2-May T Final Exam  11:30 - 2:00