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Periodic Table with Electronegativity

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Week   Date Lecture Topic Sections Covered ALEKS Objective Notable Events
1 9-Jan M Introduction and Dimensional Analysis Chapter 1  
10-Jan T Units, Sig figs and Dimensional Analysis Chapter 1  
11-Jan W

Workday - Dimensional Analysis

12-Jan R Matter and Atomic Structure Chapter 1 and 2 Units and Measurements Quiz
2 16-Jan M MLK - No class  
17-Jan T Shells, Subshells, and Quantum Numbers, and Electron Configurations 3.1 - 3.4    
18-Jan W EnergyWaves and The Quantization of Energy 3.3    
19-Jan R Atoms and Energy 3.3-3.6 Atoms, Molecules and Periodicity Quiz
3 23-Jan M

Atoms and Energy
Take-home Atoms Activity

24-Jan T

Workday - Quantization of Energy

25-Jan W Periodic Trends 3.5 Electrons and Configurations  
26-Jan R

Workday - Energy and Trends

4 30-Jan M Review for Exam 1 **Ions and Periodic Trends ** PS1
31-Jan T Exam 1 (Partner Exam) - Through Periodic Trends    
1-Feb W

Ions, Compounds and Chemical Nomenclature
Common Polyatomic Ions
Quiz Yourself - Formulas
Quiz Yourself - Charges

3.7, 4.1, 4.3    
2-Feb R Lewis Structures 1 4.2, 4.4 Chemical Nomenclature  
5 6-Feb M Lewis Structures, Formal Charge, and Resonance 4.4  
7-Feb T

Workday - Lewis Structures

Lewis Structures  
8-Feb W Molecular Geometries 4.6  
9-Feb R Polarity and Intermolecular Forces 4.6 Quiz
6 13-Feb M Chemical Bonding and Hybridization Chapter 5    
14-Feb T

Workday - Shapes and IMF

15-Feb W

Workday - Hybridization and Bonding

16-Feb R

Working with moles and Chemical Reactions

6.1-6.2   Quiz
7 20-Feb M Review for Exam 2   PS2
21-Feb T Exam 2 - Through Bonding    
22-Feb W Chemical Calculations Chapter 7    
23-Feb R

Work Day - Chemical Calculations

8 27-Feb  

Introduction to Solutions and Dilutions
Solubility Rules

6.3 Chemical Calculations   
28-Feb   Reactions in Solution 6.3    

Work Day - Solutions

2-Mar   Gas Laws Chapter 8 Reactions in Solution Quiz
9 6-Mar M Application of Gas Laws Chapter 8  
7-Mar T

Work Day - Gas Law

8-Mar W Chemical Kinetics 17.1-4 Gas Laws  
9-Mar R Chemical Kinetics 17.1-4 Quiz
Spring Break
10 20-Mar M

Work Day - Kinetics

21-Mar T Intro to Equilibrium Chapter 13 ***Kinetics***  
22-Mar W Review for Exam 3   PS3
23-Mar R Exam 3 - Through Chemical Kinetics    
11 27-Mar M Equilibrium Calculations Chapter 13 Chemical Equilibrium  
28-Mar T

Work Day - Equilibrium

29-Mar W Equilibrium and Reaction Spontaneity 12.1 and 12.4 Equilibrium Calculations  
30-Mar R First Law and Enthalpy Chapter 9
12 3-Apr M Enthalpy Chapter 9    
4-Apr T

Work Day - Enthalpy and Spontaneity

5-Apr W Second Law and Entropy 12.2-12.3    
6-Apr R

Work Day - Entropy and Spontaneity

13 10-Apr M Thermodynamics of Phase Changes  
11-Apr T

Work Day - Thermodynamics

12-Apr W Acid-Base Chemistry - Strong Acids and Bases 14.1-14.3  
13-Apr R Weak Acids and Bases 14.3-14.5 Quiz
14 17-Apr M Review for Exam 4 ***Thermodynamics*** PS4
18-Apr T Exam 4 - Through Thermodynamics    
19-Apr W Buffers Chapter 15    
20-Apr R Work Day - Buffers    
15 24-Apr M Take Home Partner Exam due - CHEM 105 Roundup Acids and Bases  
28-Apr F Final Exam @ 11:30 AM