Winthrop Department of Chemistry


General Chemistry I

CHEM 105



Periodic Table with Electronegativity


Date Day Class Content OpenStax Chapter Video Quizzes
Aug-22 Tue Course Introduction and Numbers/Units Chapter 1
Aug-23 Wed Units, Sig figs and Dimensional Analysis Chapter 1 ü
Aug-24 Thu Workday - Dimensional Analysis ü
Aug-28 Mon Matter and Atomic Structure Chapter 1 and 2 ü
Aug-29 Tue Atoms and Energy Chapter 2 and 3 ü
Aug-30 Wed Energy, Waves, and Quantization of Energy 3.1-3.2 ü
Aug-31 Thu Workday - Understanding Energy and Atoms
PS1 Bonus
Sep-4 Mon Labor Day - No Class
Sep-5 Tue Shells, Subshells, and Quantum Numbers, and Electron Configurations 3.3-3.6 ü
Sep-6 Wed Periodic Trends 3.5 ü
Sep-7 Thu Ions, Compounds, and Chemical Nomenclature 3.7, 4.1, 4.3 ü
Sep-11 Mon Review for Exam 1
Sep-12 Tue Exam 1 - Through Periodic Trends
Sep-13 Wed Lewis Structures 4.2, 4.4
Sep-14 Thu Expanded Octets, Formal Charge, and Resonance 4.4
Sep-18 Mon Workday - Lewis Structures
Sep-19 Tue Molecular Geometries 4.6
Sep-20 Wed Polarity and Intermolecular Forces 4.6
Sep-21 Thu Chemical Bonding and Hybridization Chapter 5
Sep-25 Mon Bonding Summary and Review - IMF Activity
Sep-26 Tue Workday - Shapes, Hybridizastion, and Bonding
Sep-27 Wed Working with Moles 6.1-6.2
Sep-28 Thu Chemical Reactions and Calculations Chapter 7
Oct-2 Mon Review for Exam 2
Oct-3 Tue Exam 2 - Through Bonding
Oct-4 Wed Chemical Calculations Chapter 7
Oct-5 Thu Work Day - Chemical Calculations
Oct-9 Mon Introduciton to Solutions and Dilutions 6.3
Oct-10 Tue Reactions in Solution 6.3
Oct-11 Wed Work Day - Solutions
Oct-12 Thu Introduction to Gas Laws Chapter 8
Oct-16 Mon Fall Break
Oct-17 Tue Fall Break
Oct-18 Wed Application of Gas Laws Chapter 8
Oct-19 Thu Work Day - Gas Law
Oct-23 Mon Chemical Kinetics 17.1-17.4
Oct-24 Tue Chemical Kinetics 17.1-17.4
Oct-25 Wed Work Day - Kinetics
Oct-26 Thu Introduction to Equilibrium Chapter 13
Oct-30 Mon Review for Exam 3
Oct-31 Tue Exam 3 - Through Kinetics
Nov-1 Wed Equilibrium Calculations Chapter 13
Nov-2 Thu Work Day - Equilibrium
Nov-6 Mon Equilibrium and Spontaneity Chapter 12.1 and 12.4
Nov-7 Tue Work Day - Equilibrium and Spontaneity
Nov-8 Wed Thermodynmics and State Functions 9.3, 12.4
Nov-9 Thu The Origin and Practical Applications of Enthalpy Chapter 9
Nov-13 Mon Work Day - State Functions and Enthalpy
Nov-14 Tue Basics of Entropy 12.2-12.3
Nov-15 Wed Phase Changes and Heat Curves
Nov-16 Thu Work Day - Entropy and Phase Changes
Nov-20 Mon Review for Exam 4
Nov-21 Tue Exam 4 - Through Phase Changes
Nov-22 Wed Thanksgiving - No Class
Nov-23 Thu Thanksgiving - No Class
Nov-27 Mon Acid-Base Chemistry - Strong Acids and Bases 14.1-14.3
Nov-28 Tue Weak Acids and Bases 14.3-14.5
Nov-29 Wed Buffers Chapter 15
Nov-30 Thu Work Day - Acid Base Chemistry
Dec-4 Mon CHEM105 Roundup - Takehome Exam due
Dec-12 Tue Final Exam - 8:00 AM