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Aug. 23

Academic Expectations

  • Discuss academic differences between high school and college

Aug. 30

Syllabus Deconstruction

  • Read ACAD syllabus, be prepared to discuss, bring ALL syllabi to class
  • Create Instagram account; follow ACAD class & @WinthropFYE
  • Download QR code reader / ACAD Success Phone App
  • Enroll in and REMIND 101

Sept. 6

Campus Engagement

  • Read “Lessons From a College Student,” by Hannah Steinhardt
  • Syllabi audit for each class, planner pg.16
  • Professor policies/office hours; planner pgs. 17-18
  • Put dates from ALL syllabi (classes Fall 2016) in planner
  • “My First Semester” (assignment distributed, DUE 11/22)

Thursday, September 8th  at 11:00am, Campus Green:  Students will attend the Student Involvement Fair
Students must SCAN the designated QR code at the fair to verify attendance

Sept. 13

How to Read Critically, The Logic of An Article

  • Using “How to Read Critically,” planner pg. 50-51 read “Only Connect…’ The Goals of a Liberal Education,” (planner pgs. 52—57) by William Cronon; bring annotated text
  • Weekly Time Log assigned, planner pgs. ­­­­­24-25 (DUE 9/27)
  • Making Connections (Peer Group DUE)

Sept. 20

Global Learning

  • Re-Read pgs. 171-174 of the Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls
  • Global Cultural Event Assignment introduced  (DUE 9/27)

Thursday, September 22nd, 10:30am—1:00pm, DIGS Ballroom:  Students will attend the Study Abroad Fair
Students must SCAN the designated QR code at the fair to verify attendance

Sept. 27

Time Management

  • Study Abroad Fair Recap, planner pg. 28
  • Weekly Time Log, planner pgs. 24-25
  • Global Cultural Event Assignment DUE

Oct.  4

Academic Success

  • Study Skills Inventory, planner pgs. 29-31 
  • Motivation Inventory, planner pg. 32
  • Making Connections (Peer Mentor One on One DUE) (pg. 10-13)


Interim Grades Become Available on Wingspan:   Monday, Oct 10, 2016

Oct.  11

Interim Grades

  • Class TODAY will meet in Withers 322B
  • Login to wingspan; print interim grades, bring to class
  • Financial Aid Video Guide, planner pg. 40
  • Bring Sandwich Crackers to class for Community Service Project!

No Classes October 14th--17th:  Fall Break

Oct.  18

Academic Advising

  • Class TODAY will meet in Withers 322B  
  • Interim Grade Review Guide (planner pg. 36)
  • Interim Grade Action Plan (course by course), planner pg. 37-39
  • Academic Advising Quiz; planner pg. 41

Last day to Withdraw or elect to S/U a full semester course is Friday, October 21, 2016.

Oct. 25

Academic Integrity

  • Advisement & Registration Worksheet, planner pg. 42
  • Class Schedule Worksheet, planner pg. 43
  • Academic Integrity Quiz, planner pg. 19

Nov. 1

TRUE Colors

  • Making Connections (all four components must be complete)
  • Must bring planner to class

November 2nd:  Registration for Spring 2017 semester opens

No Classes November 8th: Election Day

Nov. 15

My Future Self

  • Printed 16 Personalities Inventory Summary
  • Printed Degree Checklist & “What Can I Do With A Major In…”

Nov. 22

Final Presentations

  • “My First Semester” DUE—In-class presentations